PSD Doors Protect Your Equipment and Personnel Against Dangerous Overpressures that can cause Explosions.

NEW! We offer Curved Doors! 

Not a single use replacement membrane, rupture disk, explosion vent panel or bursting disc..... Economical, Long Lasting, Reclosing Explosion Relief Door.


  • A PSD explosion relief device is a real, reclosable door.
  • A PSD door maintains a positive seal until it opens under precise and predetermined pressure conditions.
    • Activation range from a VERY low opening pressures starting of 6" Water Column (0.22 psi) to a maximum of 24" Water Column (.87 psi).
  • Once opened it remains open until you close it – like a door, with no tools. 
  • Time consuming rupture disk replacement is eliminated, minimizing process down time.
  • PSD Doors are engineered to meet the requirements of your process and vessel configuration.
  • PSD Doors are designed to the latest NFPA 68 or FM standards to minimize the effects of overpressures causing explosions.


Designed and made in the USA since 1976, PSD Doors have been the reclosable safety Door of choice for many customers in many industries worldwide.


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