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Many Groups and Departments are Involved to Reduce Explosive Conditions in Your Facilities. They include- 

The Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). This is the individual or group granting occupancy for use of the protected facilities. The AHJ could be (defined by the NFPA), is:

  • (F)ederal, state, local, or other regional department or individual such as a fire chief; fire marshal; chief of a fire prevention bureau, labor department, or health department; building official; electrical inspector; or others having statutory authority.

  • For insurance purposes, an insurance inspection department, rating bureau, or other insurance company representative may be the authority having jurisdiction.

  • In many circumstances, the property owner or his or her designated agent assumes the role of the authority having jurisdiction; at government installations, the commanding officer or departmental official may be the authority having jurisdiction.


 The property owner or his or her designated agent could include:

  • The Design Team

  • Safety Engineering 

  • Process Design Engineering 

  • Manufacturing Engineering


PSD Will Help You Seek Approvals with Those Parties to Achieve Your Occupancy...


Please contact us for the details.

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