We will need the folowing information to help us size a PSD Door
Standard Features

Door panel facing materials

3000 Series aluminum


These standard stainless steels: 304, 316 


Ask for special stainless steel alloys and these options:

  • 2B Mill Finish

  • Material Certifications 

  • Identification Labels 



Door Panel Temperature Ranges

-65F to 180F (82C):  Commercial      grade toughened epoxy

181F to 250F (121C):  Modified epoxy  film adhesive

251F to 350F(177C) 

351F to 1000F Ceramic adhesive

Frame materials

3000 Series aluminum


These standard stainless steels: 304, 316 


These special stainless steel alloys are also available: 301/302, 310, 347


Gasket Types and Temperature Ranges

SBR Rubber, Black or White -20 F / 212F

Buna-N Nitrile, Black -30 F / 250 F

Silicone Rubber, White  -80 F / 420 F

Using FDA recognized (food grade) components, beveled or square profile

Using non-FDA recognized (non- food grade) components, square profile

Silicone Rubber, White Food Grade, 2-part interlocking gasket system  -80 F / 420 F         

Viton, Black -10 F / 400 F              

Woven Silica to 1000F

Classic "Shoe Box" style with overlapping faces







                Butt style with a smooth joint

Door Panel Style

Special Options

Thermal Insulation

5.4 .hr-ft²-ºF/Btu

Restraint Cables


Protective Cages

Solid bar construction

More options



Haz Loc NEC 501 rated

ATEX rated


Alarm switches for remote indication of door opening.

Strip heaters to prevent icing. 

These heaters are factory installed, with pigtail leads. Please specify operating voltage.

Field Calibration Fixture

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