FM Global is a multi-faceted, multi-national insurance company specializing in loss prevention services where the risk and resulting insurance premiums are determined by engineering analysis using their Data Sheets.


FM Data Sheets are engineering guidelines written to help reduce the chance of property losses if adopted.


FM Global publishes about 400 Data Sheets for 17 Subject areas, of which the Series 1 - Construction and Series 7- Hazards applies to Explosion Relief in vessels. See the table below.


The FM Approvals division of FM Global tests and approves over 30,000 in 3 main product categories.


PSD doors fall within the Explosion venting subcategory of the Building Materials category.


Because PSD doors are custom made to a specific size for your specific vessel, each door is not approved by FM Global. 


However, PSD will work with FM Global Engineering to meet your FM approval for your project.


FM Engineering will calculate the minimum vent areas required based on their proprietary software. They contact you for data of your flammable materials, your vessel construction and shape, etc. and give PSD key design criteria so we can  provide explosion relief doors that meet FM requirements .


Click here if you need to protect your structure using FM requirements


Related FM Data Sheets:

  • FM 7-76 Jan 2012 Prevention And Mitigation of Combustible Dust Explosion and Fire (FM 7-76 has details very similar to the NFPA 68 Standard)

  • FM 7-49 Apr 2011 Emergency Venting of Vessels

  • FM 7-73 Jan 2008 Dust Collectors and Collection Systems

  • FM 1-44 Damage-limiting Construction


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