Industries Served by Philadelphia Safety Devices. Since 1976


Chemicals, inorganic

Alkalies & chlorine mfg

Gypsum mfg


Chemicals, organic

Adhesive mfg

Carbon black mfg

Pesticide mfg

Pharmaceutical mfg

Plastics & resin mfg

Printing ink mfg

Resin & synthetic rubber mfg

Surface active agent mfg

Synthetic rubber mfg

Synthetic organic dye & pigment


Electric power generation and transmission


Food production (human and animal)


Chocolate & confectionary mfg

Mayonnaise, dressing & sauce

Pet Foods

Rice milling

Wet corn milling



Air & gas compressor mfg


Electrical apparatus & equipment

Electrometallurgical ferroalloy mfg

Instruments mfg

Tire mfg


Metals Industry

Iron & steel mills & ferroalloy

Lead ore & zinc ore mining

Machine tool mfg

Plate work mfg

Sheet metal work mfg



Heating oil processors

Industrial process furnace & oven

Spray Dryers


Raw Materials

Crushed & broken limestone

Oil & gas pipeline construction


Paperboard mills

Box mfg

Sanitary paper mfg


Wood window & door mfg

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