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  1. Deflagrations, detonations, and explosions take many forms and are subject to a wide range of variables. As a result, their sources, occurrences, sizes and the direction and velocity of their destructive forces are extremely difficult, if not impossible to predict.

  2. PSD explosion relief doors cannot prevent deflagrations, detonations, or explosions, and they are not intended to prevent such events.

  3. The purpose of the PSD explosion relief door is to reduce, if possible, the damage to equipment fitted with PSD doors resulting from deflagrations, detonations, and explosions. Because the potential for damage for such events is a function of a wide range of variables: size and strength of deflagrations, detonations, or explosion, strength and integrity of the equipment fitted with PSD doors, vent ratio (the ratio of square feet of vent area to cubic feet of internal volume in the vessel or equipment equipped with PSD doors), and conditions and circumstances in which the PSD doors may be operating. It is impossible to predict to what extent, if any, damage to equipment fitted with PSD doors in such events may be reduced by reason of the installation of PSD.

  4. It is always recommended that a protective cage be installed on each door to protect personnel from possible fragmentation or from opening movement of the door.


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